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Ophelia Nicholas the TikTok star’s son murdered. Famous mother looking for justice.

Ophelia Nicholas the TikTok star's son murdered. Famous mother looking for justice.

A successful mother’s son was fatally shot by an unknown shooter on Friday night. Ophelia is asking for help to catch the murderer of her son.

“I have never asked y’all for anything — but I need your help with this there are almost 7-million people that follow me — somebody’s got to know something,”. “He was just 18 years old — that’s the best part of somebody’s life. And I know they’re out there in my town — they’re out there.”

shared a teary eyes Ophelia Nichols, famous as Mama Tot on TikTok (account: ‘shoelover99′).

18-year-old Randon lee died of serious injuries that occurred from bullet wounds. He was targeted at a petrol pump in St. Stephens Road.

there is no clear motive behind the murder but the TikTok star says police have found some leads and they are investigating.

“It’s hard because you’re putting all of your faith hope and trust into these people and the police department and you have to sit back and hope and pray that they do what needs to be done — so that the person or people who did this to my baby child gets behind bars. You have no choice but to sit here and wait,” said Ophelia.

Tiktok star Ophelia Nicholas is using her influence to find the killers of her son:

Ophelia Nicholas is asking her followers to provide leads.

“People talk — people talk. So I wanted that video to be seen because if the person who did this to my son could see what he did to our family — he took my son from me… My son,” said Ophelia.

Ophelia Nicholas the TikTok star's son murdered. Famous mother

“I spoke to him yesterday morning around 10 to tell him I had his money for his birthday. He was looking forward to it… just hanging out with his friends and girlfriend. His family was his life,” said Ophelia. “You see other people go through stuff like this and it never crosses your mind that — that would one day be you. But to have an individual make the choice to take your child from you — he had a choice — they had a choice and they chose to take my son from me.”

Her Son was an Organ donor:

Ophelia Nicholas says her son donated his organs so parts of him will leave in others as well.

There is a gofundme page for helping mom with funeral arrangements.

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