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Pachinko Episode 7 Release date and recap, Reviews, Plot Cast, Trailer

Pachinko Episode 7 release date and recap
Pachinko Episode 7 release date and recap

Pachinko Episode 7 isn’t far away, and after the previous episode’s action-packed finale, viewers can’t wait for the next chapter. Viewers may now learn how Solomon is linked to Hana: Hana is Etsuko’s kid from a prior marriage. Mozart (Sunja’s child with Isak) has been dating Etsuko, a Japanese woman. We get flashes of Solomon and Hana’s chaotic yet intensely loving connection as children and how a little shoplifting act affects the direction of their lives forever when Mozasu forces Solomon to leave for America.

Viewers also learn about Hana’s present plight since she caught AIDS after Solomon departed for America (in 1989, at the height of the AIDS pandemic). Hana’s mother, Etsuko, and an old Sunja pay her a visit to the hospital. We learn through Hana’s contact with Sunja that the latter’s misinterpretation of his comments caused Hana to feel unwanted in their home and flee. Sunja had informed Hana that it was a good thing he was moved to America since being with them would have been disastrous for him. On the other hand, she saw herself as a probable cause of Solomon’s death, alluding to the terrible death of her firstborn, Noa.

Pachinko summary:

Usop, Senja’s brother-in-law, is enraged that the ladies of the house have paid his bills, and he demands to know if his wife Keun Hee still considers him the head of the home because their acts have just announced the same truth to the world, according to him. Yosef refuses to accept that Sunja acquired the sold watch from her mother, who maintained a boarding home for impoverished fishers (which is true because the clock was given to her by Koh Hansu), and storms out of the house, enraged, to go to the local bar. Senja’s water then prematurely bursts.


Senja begins giving birth at home with the aid of her sister-in-law Kyung Hee and an elderly neighbour who claims to have a lot of experience giving birth to pigs and claims to know her way around giving birth. Meanwhile, Kyun Hee orders Isaac to go for his brother, who has fled to the bar, while Japanese cops arrive without notice for a regular search, picking victims at random. When the couple returns home, they are greeted with the arrival of their newborn child. Because it is Usp’s responsibility to be the family’s ‘crown,’ Sonya and Pike Isaac ask Usp to name the kid, and the child is called ‘Noah.’ 

Isaac had already altered his mind regarding Japanese colonialism and the plight of Koreans after speaking with a drunken rebellious Korean adolescent at the behest of the latter’s mother, and now it is evident that he is ready for it. He fulfils his obligations so that his new son is not subjected to the severe conditions that the Japanese face. In the meantime, Hansoo divorces his wife, informing her that Senja had done what she couldn’t: she gave birth to his kid.

 Pachinko episode 7 release date

On April 22, 2022, Pachinko Episode 7 will be released (Friday). Pachinko Episode 7 is titled “Chapter Seven,” It lasts around 48 minutes. The second final episode of Pachinko’s first season will be Episode 7.

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