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Paris Roxanne is the victim of a catfish scheme

Paris Roxanne

Paris is an Instagram young model from a white ethnic background in the United States. Her work on websites helped her gain notoriety. Paris Roxanne is an unrepentant animal lover who adores her canine companion. She became well-known for the catfish controversy involving NBA player Chris Anderson, whom she dated while claiming to be 21 when she was just 17. Paris began modeling at the age of 17 and rose to fame via social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

She gained fans by publishing stunning photos that drew a lot of attention, and she quickly grew a large following, with more than 423,000 followers on Instagram alone. Because of her rise in popularity, she was able to work as a freelance model for modeling agencies in Palm Desert, California, and elsewhere. Paris grew raised in Southern California, where she led a rather low-key existence.

Paris Roxanne is the victim of a catfish scheme

However, she has longed to be a model since she was a child, and she created several internet personas to showcase her beautiful features, particularly her appearance. She established a modest internet following, but everything changed when NBA star Chris Anderson contacted her.

 The Catfish Scheme:

Paris and Anderson exchanged texts, and she lied about her age, stating she was already 21 even though she was just 17 at the time. Someone pretending to be Andersen’s best friend, Tom Taylor, contacted her online and suggested that the two meet up. Her chats with Andersen progressed, and the two began exchanging increasingly personal information, including nude images. Finally, they arranged to meet up, and Taylor pushed her to go to him so they could spend time together.

The date finally arrived, and the two had sex, albeit she was perplexed at points by some of their remarks. Following her return home, she received messages from Taylor. She informed him that she was no longer interested in meeting with Andersen because another basketball player had contacted her, eager to see him.

Arrested after investigation

Taylor began contacting Paris with growing irritation, desperation, and fury, threatening her with death, and came across as violent. He said that he had a copy of her nude images that Andersen had shared with him and that he planned to post them on the internet. She informed her mother she was afraid for her life, and the two went to the police station with their information.

Andersen had no objection to their sexual contact because she was of legal consent age in Colorado, but the images he possessed of her may be considered child pornography. Things were stressful during the inquiry because if he were found guilty, it would signal the end of his NBA career.

However, he was finally ruled out as a conspirator or a suspect in the case and a victim. She learned how to catfish a few years ago by impersonating various people online, including a YouTuber, reality star Brody Jenner, and a Playboy Playmate. As a result, she was arrested by Canadian police and spent a year in prison in Canada since US law enforcement had no authority there.

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