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Park City Police arrested Michael Franchek

Park City Police arrested Michael Franchek
Park City Police arrested Michael Franchek

Michael Franck, a former city council candidate, was arrested in 2019 after a lady filed a complaint accusing him of illegally possessing a firearm. Michael Franck, the father of two younger boys, was apprehended by police in a series of heated confrontations.

Park City Police arrested their father, Michael Franck. After a series of tense meetings, Michael Franchek, the father of two sons, was caught by Park City police officers in 2019. After the guy in question chose to submit a false complaint against the other party, the disagreement on the street escalated into a brawl.

According to the police report, as the officers approached his residence to question him, Franchek demanded that they present their identification instead of cooperating and refused to cooperate.

While he was being interviewed, Michael made his way into the house, and the cops approached him, assuming he had gone inside to fetch his weapon from outside.

Who is Michael Franchek:

Michael Franck is a Park City resident and a previous metro board candidate elected in 2019. He appears to be a close-by government officer who lives with his family in the referenced neighbourhood. His work background is a matter of secrecy since not much about his safety has been uncovered.

More information about the Police investigation:

Michael was captured inside his home by police officials, and the guys came downstairs and videotaped the closing minutes of the incident, which, as previously reported, went viral. In 2019, a father from the Park City area was apprehended after a feud erupted over his child’s gasoline motorcycle. According to Kpcw, it all started with competition over a gasoline motorcycle between two youths and a few other nearby persons. The two young men were supposedly riding their gas motorcycle around the city and argued with a few locals.

A few seconds later, authorities raided the home of the younger lads’ father, Franchek, after a woman videotaped an argument with him about his gun possession. Even though one more man was focused on the conversation, he had almost no understanding of any weapons. Police raided Michael’s home in search of proof, but his father refused to assist the officers and instead posed questions, all things being equal. As the incident progressed, the officers apprehended the person shot by his children, and the incident became a media sensation.

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1 Comment

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