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Cryptocurrency Will Become A Fact Shortly, According To A Paysafe Study


According to a Paysafe Study, cryptocurrencies are gaining wider acceptance, and many cryptocurrency fans believe that Cryptocurrency will become a fact shortly.

60% of the cryptocurrency fans who were polled believed that Cryptocurrency would be widely accepted in eCommerce. Furthermore, over half of the respondents in the study felt that Cryptocurrency would ultimately overtake the financial system as we know it reports

The use of Cryptocurrency finds wider acceptance.



The use of Cryptocurrency finds wider acceptance as the relevance of Cryptocurrency enamours more people in modern times. The study by PaySafe reveals that most cryptocurrency enthusiasts are more than willing to continue to invest in digital currencies and get paid in cryptocurrencies, ditching fiat once and for all.

The full details of the study titled “Inside the crypto community: Plotting the journey to mass adoption” was published on January 11, 2022. The study also revealed several trends and hinted at a positive evolution of the cryptocurrency industry and the adoption of these technologies globally.

The survey covered a wide range of topics that will affect Cryptocurrency shortly. It includes topics from the demographics and interests of crypto community members to their motivations and knowledge of the tech and the whole ecosystem. Independent research house Sapio Research conducted the survey.

Half of the respondents felt that blockchain-powered DeFi cryptocurrencies would replace current financial regimens.

More than half of the respondents felt that the blockchain-powered DeFi cryptocurrencies would replace the current financial regimens with all their drawbacks. The most significant fact about the study is that 60% of the respondents contended that cryptocurrencies would have a substantial presence in the e-commerce sector. The study was commissioned in 2021 when the cryptocurrencies values were at rock bottom. Still, cryptocurrencies fans did not lose faith in crypto assets.

The study also revealed that 55% of respondents said they wanted to receive their salary in crypto. Respondents of 18 to 24 year-olds would be happy to receive their compensation in cryptocurrencies. The preferences start to fall as the age increases to 23-34 years, and the preference drops to 58%. The percentage further falls to 57% when the age increases between 35 and 44 years old.

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