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Peter Coshan was disapperance a murderer?

Peter Coshan was disapperance a murderer?

Who was Peter Coshan?

Peter Coshan was a retired professor of a famed institute Fettes College 7.

He also worked as a retired teacher in a school. After some time professor, Peter got disappeared, and there is no proper information about his whereabouts.

There is no accurate information available about the lost professor.

Still, His missing was accepted as his death. His family and friends are no more looking for him. The sad members of his family have abandoned all hope to see their loved professor Peter Coshan again.

Who are the people accused of the murder of Peter Coshan?

Two suspects are caught by police. one of them is close to 30 years of age. Cops have reached the conclusion that both men are responsible for the crime. The court will decide whether they are guilty or not. The police can provide evidence and arrest the suspects.

According to reports, just before some time when the professor disappeared someone saw Peter Roshan and he told the family of Peter Coshan about the lost man. once the family received the news of Peter missing, they immediately went to the police and asked police to investigate the matter immediately. The entire family was teary-eyed when the hope to see Peter again was rekindled with that information.

Family’s reaction to Peter being lost:

The family has been going through a very difficult phase since the husband and father Peter is missing. there is no information about how he went missing. the police have looked into the matter but they have not been able to find any clue.

the family after trying for months with the help of police and search parties finally gave up. Some family members assumed that Peter Coshan is either dead or killed. this is a very difficult thing to accept as the family members.

Now the new news about a person seeing Peter has made the family hopeful. Maybe Peter was tired of life and he wanted to go away from his family but he is an old man, if was so tired he could have left earlier. an older man who spent his entire life working for his family wont leave without any reasons.

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