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Peter Monn, novelist and YouTuber injured in a car accident

Peter Monn, novelist and YouTuber injured in a car accident
Peter Monn, novelist and YouTuber injured in a car accident

A piece of shocking news has been going around the internet like wildfire which states that famous novelist and youtube celebrity, Peter Monn has been met with an accident. The news is, unfortunately, true and it is not just a rumor that has been making waves on the internet. 

Who is Peter Monn?

Peter Monn is a 49-year old YouTuber who is very popular on social media for his vlogs and his opinions on popular culture and everything related to it. He has a large following on YouTube with over 300 thousand subscribers on all of his accounts combined. Not only is he popular but also very loved by his fans. They have all been worried sick about Peter Monn and his health ever since word of his accident has been spreading like wildfire. 

How did the accident happen?

Reportedly, Peter Monn was not the sole injured victim in the accident. 2 other people have also suffered fatally from this horrible mishap. One of the people involved in the accident has passed away and the other one, along with Peter, has survived and is in recovery for now. The crash took place on Wednesday, 16th February near Fishers, Indiana. One person died on the spot and the other two, including Peter Monn, were rushed to the hospital. According to a witness’s report, the Jeep was traveling northbound on Allisonville Road when it traveled left of the coronary heart, causing the pick-up truck and Nissan Altima to crash into each other. Many of Peter Monn’s fans have come together and made video messages for him to let him know that they are thinking of him and wish him a speedy recovery. 

Monn is also the author of Queer novel “The Before Now and After Then”. 

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