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Phil Baroni: The Former UFC Fighter Arrested For murdering His Girlfriend

Phil Baroni
Image credit- MMA mania

Reports state that former UFC fighter Phil Baroni was detained in Mexico after being charged with murdering his girlfriend. Let’s examine it in more detail.

Has His Girlfriend Been Murdered By Phil Baroni?

The two were reportedly bickering inside a hotel in San Pancho at the time of the alleged incident, according to Tribuna De La Bahia.

The victim was thrown into the shower by the former mixed martial artist, who admitted doing so. She hit her head and left the room shortly after. According to Baroni, she allegedly acknowledged to having an extramarital affair.

Authorities reportedly found the victim’s naked, lifeless body wrapped in a sheet, along with bruises and facial injuries, after Baroni voluntarily alerted them. He was reportedly impaired by alcohol and narcotics at the time of the occurrence.

The article stated:

In San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico, “Baroni killed his sweetheart, a resident of Mexico City. He claims that after she admitted to cheating, he violently threw her inside the shower, where she hit her head and died a short time later.

Police claim they discovered her naked in bed, draped under a sheet, with various signs of being struck, facial injuries, and no vital signs. Baroni raised the alarm. He is in custody and faces a murder accusation.


When the police arrived, they discovered the woman lying on a bed covered in a bed sheet. Despite having obvious bruises and traces of beatings on her face, physicians instantly proclaimed her dead.

According to Baroni, who allegedly told the police that he began smoking marijuana and drinking beer in his room at around three o’clock, the two got into a fight. According to reports, Baroni’s fiancee admitted to him that she had been having sex with a different man throughout the altercation.

Phil Baroni

Image credit- BBC News

After that, the former UFC fighter threw his girlfriend into the shower, resulting in her hitting her head on the floor.

While struggling to rise, “NYBA” helped Phil Baroni’s girlfriend get up and then put her on the bed. She was then stripped of her clothes and covered with a bed sheet by him.

The report states that Baroni’s girlfriend then asked for a cigarette and a beer. She was missing all of her vital signs when he returned from getting them after leaving the room to get them. The article claims that Baroni was held on suspicion of murder.

An comprehensive investigation is under underway to ascertain the actual cause of death.

About Phil Baroni

In February 2001, at UFC 30, Baroni made his promotional debut and went on to become one of the organization’s original members. He fought ten times for the organisation over the course of two stints, going 3-7 overall. With a record of 16–19, Baroni’s professional mixed martial arts career came to an end in 2019.


1. Who is Phil Baroni ?

A. He is former UFC fighter

2. What is his Nationality?


3. How old is Phil Baroni?

A. 42 years old

4. What happened to Phil Baroni?

A. He is arrested

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