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Pinocchio 2022: Release Date, Cast, and Trailer

Pinocchio 2022: Release Date, Cast, and Trailer

Pinocchio is an upcoming 2022 release. Pinocchio will be aired on Disney. This movie will be launched between September- December. Pinocchio is an animated film based on an Italian novel. 

All about Pinocchio 2022: 

Pinocchio is the upcoming animated movie for children. It will soon be coming on Disney+ between September-December. This movie is directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Chris Weitz and Andrew Milano. This picture is made by the production companies like Walt Disney Pictures, Depth of Field Studios, and ImageMovers. Also, the movie is distributed by Disney. This movie is a remake of a 1940’s film with the same name. Similarly, it is also based on the Italian novel written by Carlo Colloids in the year 1883. The book is named “The Adventures of Pinocchio.” 

The trailer is out; you can go and watch it on many outline platforms. The official synopsis of the movie is yet to come. But it is the same as Novels and 1940’s films where Pinocchio turns into the real boy. This movie is a darker version of the classic children’s fairy tale featuring Tom Hanks and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth. There are many more roles and characters in the film which is yet to be finalized. 

Pinocchio 2022

Keegan Michael Key will serve as the voice of Honest John, an anthropomorphic fox, also the co- villain of the movie. The movie’s basic storyline is that his nose will grow and get bigger whenever Pinocchio tells a lie. 

Release Date of Pinocchio 2022: 

Pinocchio is already shot. The movie was said to be released in 2021, but due to the pandemic, it got delayed. The movie’s filming started on 31st January 2020, and within five months, the shooting was finished. The movie was filmed in Portland, Oregon. According to the information, the movie will be released soon this year (2022) between September- December on Disney+. It will probably be released in December. It is not fixed yet whether Disney+ will charge a subscription fee or it will stream free to the viewers to watch the movie Pinocchio.

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