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Police Officer Matt Silvestrini, 38, Passes Away; Cause Of Death Described

Matt Silvestrini
Image credit- Medico Topics

The passing of Officer Matt Silvestrini is deeply regrettable, according to the Middletown Police Department. Last night, while his family was present, Officer Silvestrini passed away peacefully at home. He endured a protracted fight with brain cancer, as most of you are aware.

Officer Silvestrini made it his life’s work to help people. He was a decorated US Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq. Prior to moving to MPD in 2012, he worked as a police officer for the City of New Haven. He served as an instructor here at MPD as well as a member of the Emergency Response Team and Firearms Unit.

The most significant quality of Matt was his commitment to his family. He was a devoted spouse and the father of two lovely kids.

Officer Matt Silvestrini received his initial anaplastic astrocytoma diagnosis in 2016 at the age of 32, according to a fundraising effort started to support the family. On the page, it was mentioned that he had brain surgery, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy, and that he had been cancer-free for five years.

Silvestrini served in the American Army for two deployments to Iraq, the agency claims. The most important quality about Matt is his dedication to his family, the Middletown Police Department stated on Facebook.

He is a devoted husband and the father of two wonderful children. He is either with them, outside exercising in some kind, or both while he is not working.

Image credit- Middletown press

Wife Of Matt Silvestrini

Silvestrini underwent a second surgery to remove his tumour in August, according to his GoFundMe page. According to the page, Silvestrini and his wife Ashley were unable to work while he recovered because “their days are spent with medical visits, scans, and travels to Boston’s Dana Farber for experimental trial drugs.”

Cause Of Death In Matt Silvestrini

Matt’s peaceful passing away last night at home in his family’s presence after a protracted cancer illness has been confirmed, as it was in earlier reports.

Matt Silvestrini: Who Was He?

Matt Silvestrini is a father and a spouse whose life’s mission is to assist others. Helping people has been Silvestrini’s life’s work.

As a soldier in the US Army, he served two tours of service in Iraq. Prior to his move to the Middletown Police Department in 2012, he also served as a police officer for the City of New Haven.


1. What happened to Matt Silvestrini ?

A. Died due to Brain Cancer

2. Who was Matt Silvestrini?

A. He was a member of USA army and also served as instructor on police department.

3. Does he have kids?

A. Yes, 2 kids

4. How old was Matt Silvestrini?

A. 38 years old.

5. What was his height?

A. 1.82 m

6. What was his Nationality?


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