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Prime Minister’s son threw his brilliant girlfriend from the fourth floor:

Prime Minister’s son threw his brilliant girlfriend from the fourth floor:

The Prime minister’s son killed his girlfriend in one of the most prestigious institutes in Russia. Russia trains its finest spies and diplomats.

Murtaza Medzhidov, 26, killed Tomiiris Baysafa, 21, pushing her from a 40 ft high building to her death. Court concluded. Tomiris was given a beating before being thrown away.

the PM’s son is jailed for 13 years.

The incident happened in April 2018. Tomiris had dozen of broken bones from the fall. Police suspected there was a murder angle to the case.

The mother of the victim started a justice campaign for her daughter.

She accused Russia has no laws after the powerful son went free from court.

The judge who left him free was seen as biased and “extremely supportive”. Mukhtar Madhzidov was an EX PM oil and gas resources-rich country Dagestan. Popular UFC fighter Khabib also comes from Dagestan.

Prime Minister’s son

The mother of the victim said media portrayed her daughter as an absolutely sick psycho-emotional person”. there were conclusive forensic proofs but the judge ignored them.

She appealed to powerful Russian Putin to intervene and help her get justice.

Murtuz Medzhidov was found guilty in retrial:

 A jury of multiple judges tried the son again behind closed doors. He was unanimously found guilty.

Mother herself found the forensic evidence to help the police with the investigation.|

Courtroom was hell:

Her lawyers claimed the justice department deliberately avoided action to save the influential son.

She said: “The courtroom was like hell.

“I would not wish this on anyone. Not ever.

there was much forensic evidence proving that she was beaten and thrown using force.

Read More – Brian Laundrie confessed in his diary about murdering Gabby Petito.FBI closes the case.

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