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Ralyx Grace Price, a Bremen High School student, has passed away

Ralyx Grace Price, a Bremen High School student, has passed away
Ralyx Grace Price, a Bremen High School student, has passed away

Ralyx Grace Price is being mourned by the whole Bremen community after she passed away suddenly. Childhood is a time of joy and the time to look forward to a hopeful future. That is why people are much sadder and disturbed when a child loses their life because they had their whole life in front of them. The same sentiment is being shared by the whole community of Bremen today after it was found out that a 16-years-old student was suddenly rushed to the hospital after losing consciousness where sadly, she passed away.

Who was Ralyx Grace Price?

Ralyx Grace Price was a young, talented, 16 years old teenager, who was loved by everyone. Ralyx was the head cheerleader of her high school and was a very popular girl amongst her friends and teachers. She was told to be a kind and helpful person to everyone and her loss is going to leave a hole in many people’s life. Ralyx Grace Price, who had been discovered unresponsive during the weekend, passed away on Sunday. Her family hurried her to the nearest hospital, but the doctors were unable to treat her in time. Ralyx’s family is devastated and confused by what had happened to their child.

Tributes pouring in for Ralyx Grace Price:

The school has been mourning the passing of its star cheerleader. Several prayer circles were organized throughout the town by the community of Bremen this weekend, including the one on the Bremen High School basketball court on Sunday night. A local of the community took to Facebook to write a heartfelt message, “Our community is broken, but our community is stronger for the weekend that was fought in prayer, in union for this precious child and her family. Our community will be there in the coming days for this family and all who knew and loved her. And lastly, our community will forever remember and hold tightly to the bonds made stronger by Ralyx Grace Price.”

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