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Raymond Douglas: Cops unveil a 13-year-old mystery

Raymond Douglas

A 17-years old girl visiting South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach suddenly disappears, and her body is found after 13 years. A sex offender named Raymond Douglas Moody has been sent to jail in charge of kidnapping and rape. 

Raymond Douglas Moody grabbed Drexel that night and raped and killed her before burying her remains in the woods the next day. The police department continues their investigation, and after many rumors and investigations, this mystery comes to an end. Raymond Douglas Moody has a long history of sexual offenses. But now he is behind bars. 

What happened back? 

Brittanee Drexel went to Carolina’s Myrtle Beach in April 2009. Her boyfriend, who lived in Rochester, New York, got worried when he didn’t get a reply to her text. On that night, Raymond Douglas Moody kidnapped Brittanee Drexel and sexually assaulted her. The cops found Drexel’s body last Wednesday in Georgetown County, about 56 kilometers away from the beach from where she disappeared. 

Raymond Douglas Moody has a long history of crime, especially kidnapping and rape. The police didn’t reveal whether Raymond Douglas Moody himself had taken them to that place or not. The police arrested Raymond Douglas Moody in charge of kidnapping and rape. Police matched Drexel’s dental DNA with the buried body and confirmed that. 

Reaction of Family:

The mother of Brittanee Drexel was happy that the culprit of her daughter’s death was now arrested. She thanked everyone involved in the search for her daughter. Her mother said that it was the worst nightmare for any mother that her daughter was brutally sexually assaulted and even her body found after 13 years. 

Raymond Douglas: Cops unveil a 13-year-old mystery

She said today is the beginning of the new chapter. Her father also said that it was a difficult time for us. The best friend of teenager Jessica Fico reveals that it is too hard for any parents that her daughter was sexually assaulted and killed brutally. The search for Brittanee Drexel comes to an end. Myrtle Beach Police Chief Amy Prock has been working on this case since starting. He said they will never forget this case, and they continued the investigation for years. And now, they are very happy and proud that their team find out the real culprit of Brittanee Drexel, and most importantly, the sex offender Raymond Douglas Moody is now behind bars. 

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