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Rebecca Balding star of “soap” and “charmed” dies at 73.

Rebecca Balding star of _soap_ and _charmed_ dies at 73

She was also part of some movie projects like “Lou Grant”. she also worked with her husband.

Rebecca was a very fun-loving and lively actress who worked with Billy crystal on the soap. she also played newspaper Boss on charmed. she was 73 when she died.

Balding was suffering from Ovarian cancer for a long time. She took her last breath in park city on Monday. her husband L. Conway who wrote, directed, and produced movies with her and other actresses has announced that after 41 years of marriage she has left him forever.

Rebecca Balding work and early life:

Balding also worked in some horror movies and she met her husband Conway during one of the auditions.

Conway was the producer of “charmed” where Balding played the role of Elise Rothman.

She was also part of the super hit series “supernatural”. supernatural ran from (2002-2006) she was a member of the cast for the last 22 episodes.

She also played a role of a seducer in the sitcom “soap”. she has a recurring role where she played Attorney carol David, she jokingly seduces a gay character on the show and she becomes pregnant. director maybe wanted to show that a man is always a man.

the Gay man proposes to marry her and help her . she gets cold feet at the wedding and kidnaps their child and runs away. it does sound like a sitcom. a lot of sitcoms have similar content.

Balding always wanted to be an actress she graduated in acting from the University of Kansas, she worked in local theaters, and when she finally tried for Hollywood. she could not become the star she dreamt of but she did find a husband who was associated with the industry. it must have helped her to stay in touch with Hollywood and find work.

Rebecca Balding filmography:

one of her first works was Reporter Carla Mardigian alongside Ed Asner on the first three episodes of CBS’ Lou Grant in 1977. She also worked in the 1979 comedy “making it” she worked as a misfire in the show. She has left behind a husband and two daughters.

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