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Regan Noelle Gibbs: Former Kansas U. Soccer football player is murdered in her Apartment.

Regan Noelle Gibbs Former Kansas U. Soccer football player is murdered in her Apartment

Regan Noelle Gibbs, who is 25 years old, was found killed off at her apartment on Monday afternoon. A lady of 25 years old was lying dead in her flat. And the enforcement of the police has taken Regan Noelle Gibbs’s husband and locked him in the case of murder. Regan Noelle Gibbs was an antecedent goalie of the University of Kansas soccer team. 

By WIBW-TV, she was found critically wounded at her Apartment on Monday afternoon. Regan Noelle Gibbs was announced as killed off at the set. The exact nature of her wounds was not clear. Humans informed that the husband of Regan Noelle Gibbs, who is 26 years old and whose name is Chad Joseph Marek was detained at the set. Also, Chad Joseph Marek was locked up with the first grade of murder. According to the sources of information, we learn about the domestic violence that was held as the cause of Regan Noelle Gibbs’s death.

How do people react after knowing about the death of Regan Noelle Gibbs?

The sudden and astonishing news of Regan Noelle Gibbs’s death passed the shock waves throughout the entire Kansas Soccer Program University. The line on the website of the school’s soccer football team revealed their sadness at the loss of Regan Noelle Gibbs as her coach informed, whose name is Mark Francis. 

Mark Francis declared that their entire soccer program has become heartbroken after hearing about the tragic loss of Regan Noelle Gibbs. In addition, he informed Regan Noelle Gibbs was an immense teammate and young lady. She grabbed so many at the time of her death in Kansas. Regan Noelle Gibbs will always be memorable for the impression she put on and off-field. Her soccer team sends their sympathies to the family and friends of Regan Noelle Gibbs at their difficult times. 

Regan Noelle Gibbs Former Kansas U. Soccer football player is murdered in her Apartment

Who was Regan Noelle Gibbs?

Friends of Regan Noelle Gibbs established a page to manage the cost of her funeral arrangements. Regan Noelle Gibbs was just 25 years old and a kindhearted lady in the love of Jesus and humans. Regan Noelle Gibbs had a big heart for the people who were surviving homeless and served herself by going back to school in the achievement of doing mission work as a Physicians assistant.

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