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Renowned CEO of Seagen, Clay Siegall, was taken into custody for performing a criminal act.

Clay Siegall

Seagen’s CEO Clay Siegall has been taken into custody; here is the reason.

Is the rumor of Clay Siegall hitting his wife true?

The officials have confirmed that the rumors of Clay getting arrested are true. The CEO of Seagen biotech firm Clay Siegall has been taken into custody after being convicted of domestic violence. He is 61 years old. 

He was arrested on 23rd April 2022. Reports suggest that he assaulted his will at his house earlier this morning. Some of his guests witnessed the assault. The guests filed a complaint against him. He resigned from the position of CEO after being accused of domestic violence. He co-founded Siegall in 1997. 

The company said that they had appointed Roger Dansy as an intern CEO. They are in search of a new Chief Executive. He had been working with Siegall since 2018. He also had to resign from the position of chairperson of Umoja Biopharma.

How did the police know about the domestic violence happening with Clay Siegall’s wife?

After the truth of Clay abusing his wife came out, the Woodway police went to his mansion at around 3:30 a.m. The police noticed she had scars and injuries on her legs and forehead on their arrival. Police searched their entire home. 

Renowned CEO of Seagen, Clay Siegall

His wife claimed in Snohomish Countries superior court that he threw her and dragged her across the home and has been a very arrogant, violent, and controlling person since their marriage. They filed for divorce in the year 2021 but later got back together. The accused has not been arrested, but the investigation is still under review. Clay has denied the allegations charged against him. 

The goodwill of Seagen has not been affected much as it is already a leading brand. Let’s see what happens in case further. Domestic violence is a serious crime; the accused may have to face severe punishment. If more proof is gathered in favor of Clay’s wife, he will be sentenced to jail.

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