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Republicans defeat democrats in their stronghold in south Texas.

Republicans defeat democrats

Republicans defeat democrats:- U.S. Rep Filemon Vela left a vacant seat that had to be refilled. Maya Flores, a republican scored the seat for the remaining term. The next election will be in November. Democrat Dan Sanchez lost to Republican Mayra Flores in the unique election. This election result has given hope to republicans. created new opportunities for republicans for an otherwise democratic stronghold.

She has become the first Mexican-born congresswoman and the race was tight against Dan Sanchez . she will only have some months to serve the area but this has given a boost to the morale of local republican activists. Mayra Flores attained 50.98% votes and Sanchez could only gather 43.33%. other small insignificant candidates took a small percentage of votes. Flores celebrated the victory with the following statement “took no one for granted.”

“For over 100 years, we have been taken for granted,” she said at her election night party in San Benito. “I will show you what real representation looks like. I will represent all people.” Flores shared her joy at around 9:30 Sanchez was upset the senior republicans didn’t pay much attention to the content. he said the seat was unimportant to senior leaders and they didn’t defend it as fiercely as they should.

“Based on the results, we came up short tonight despite being outspent by millions of dollars from out-of-state interests and the entire Republican machine,”  “Too many factors were against us, including little to no support from the National Democratic Party and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee,” Sanchez added. Source: Texastribune, Republicans are eyeing to win new seats because Biden performed underwhelmingly in the Hispanic majority states.

Republicans defeat democrats in their stronghold in south Texas.

Campaigns & donations.

Sanchez tried his best to paint the winner as an extremist because she supported trump and took part in a controversial Twitter campaign around the presidential election. Mayra played the narrative of the wife of a U.S border patrol official and how she migrated from a poorer country. She wasn’t very harsh against his opponent but she targeted central leadership with slogans like “compradismo cronyism”

Sanchez played the pro-life, good catholic card but it didn’t work out for him. Flores had a huge advantage of donation where she got donations close to a million-dollar but his opponent couldn’t gather even fifty thousand dollars.

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