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Republicans to adopt loyalty pledge for debate participants

Republicans to adopt loyalty pledge for debate participants
Source: NBC News

Draft wording slated to be voted at next week’s Republican National Committee meeting would bar Republican presidential contenders who do not sign a promise to support the party’s final presidential nominee from participating in any debates this summer.

A possible conflict with former President Donald Trump is set up by the suggestion, since Trump has threatened to run as an independent if he does not receive the Republican nominee. While RNC leaders and Trump associates play down the prospect, doing so would end the GOP’s hopes of winning the White House in 2024 and bring into question the very existence of the party.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel stated in a statement to The Associated Press, “Following the primary, it is important to the health and growth of our Republican Party, as well as the country, that we all come together and unify behind our nominee to defeat Joe Biden and the Democrats.”

The Republican Party is bracing for an all-out civil war in the months ahead, and as many as a dozen Republicans are anticipated to enter the 2024 presidential fight.

The Lid: The GOP Got Donald Trump's Pledge. So What?

Source: NBC News

While many Republicans wish to distance themselves from Trump and his polarising tactics, party leaders face an uphill battle since Trump remains popular among the party’s most ardent supporters. As the presidential primary season heats up, RNC officials are hoping that a loyalty pledge, which is ultimately unenforceable, would inspire some shared commitment to unity.

Although though a top Trump adviser wouldn’t publicly declare whether or if the former president will sign the commitment to support the nominee, he did hint that he wants to take part in the debates. Steven Cheung, the campaign’s spokesperson, also dodged the subject.

Cheung predicted that President Trump will be the GOP nominee, calling him the party’s “undisputed leader.” No one can equal President Trump’s boundless excitement and the support he has received from People of all walks of life.

In 2016, when Trump was under similar pressure, he signed a loyalty promise unrelated to debates but then reneged as the primary campaign heated up. Trump was the lone contender at the first Republican primary debate that year who would not pledge support for the party’s ultimate winner unless it was him.

Even as recently as December, Trump tweeted a link to an article that urged him to run as a third-party candidate in 2024 if Republican primary voters chose someone other than him as their party’s presidential nominee.

On the other side, the Democrats face no such danger. Also, a new donation requirement to show wide support among the party’s grassroots will very definitely be included in the criterion for debate participation with a polling level of either 1% or 2%. The Commission for Presidential Debates has held every general election presidential discussion since 1988, but Republicans increasingly think the non-partisan body is biassed against them, thus participants will be required to sign a pledge promising not to attend any debates organised by the commission.

The Republican leadership is anxious about the party’s ability to come together after the primary election season, which is expected to be contentious.

Former Trump adviser and current RNC member David Bossie, who is also directing the debate committee, said that they are basing their 2024 loyalty promise on the one all Republican candidates signed in 2016.

The Republican Party as a whole can agree that Joe Biden has been bad for the country, Bossie remarked. So, it ought to be simple for all candidates to commit to working together to fight the extreme Biden government.

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