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Riad Turk, The ‘Syrian Mandela’ Cause of Death and Obituary See Here

Riad Turk, The 'Syrian Mandela' Cause of Death

Riad Turk, The ‘Syrian Mandela’ Cause of Death and Obituary: Recently a sad news has come out that ‘Syrian Mandela’ Riad Turk died on Monday 1 January 2024 at the age of 93. Everyone is expressing grief after hearing the news of his death. Riad Turk has been compared to Nelson Mandela. He has spent his entire life advocating democracy. In this article, we will describe in detail how and where Riad Turk died.

Who was Riad al-Turk?

Riad Turk was born in 1930 in Homs, Syria. He was a Syrian opposition leader. He has spent his life advocating democracy in staunch opposition to the regime. He spent 20 years as a political prisoner for his staunch opposition to government rule. He joined the Syrian Communist Party as a student in 1973 and was General Secretary of the Syrian Communist Party until 2005. He was compared to Nelson Mandela. He went to jail 17 times for opposing the government and committing various crimes. Riad Turk announced in October 2011, “Our revolution is peaceful, popular and rejects sectarianism, and the Syrian people are united.” “There will be no compromise or negotiation regarding our goal of overthrowing this autocratic regime.” But recently we all are saddened to hear the news of Riad Turk’s death. According to the News reports Riad Turk died at the age of 93 on 1 January 2024.

Riad Turk, The 'Syrian Mandela' Obituary

Riad Turk, The ‘Syrian Mandela’ Cause of Death and Obituary

According to the latest news and social media reports, it is being said that Syrian opposition leader Riad Turk has died on January 1, 2024. Riad Turk was known as the ‘Syrian Mandela’ as he has been compared to Nelson Mandela. The news of his death has been given by his daughter Khuzama Turk and she has said that her father died peacefully. Riad Turk has died in France at the age of 93. After his death, his colleagues and friends paid tribute to him on social media.

Khuzama Turk told AFP: “My father died peacefully, satisfied with his achievements, surrounded by his two daughters and grandchildren.”

Brigitte Kurmi wrote on X: “Syrian Mandela Riad Turk leaves us after fighting all his life for a free and democratic Syria.”

“His aspirations for a dignified life for the Syrian people will continue to inspire our work.”

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