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Rishi Sunak launches campaign to be UK PM.UK Media finds him a “Liar” and “untrustworthy”

Rishi Sunak launches campaign to be UK PM

Former Uk finance minister Rishi Sunak wrote a scathing letter against Boris Jhonson and he had to resign. Rishi was waiting for this opportunity and he launched the “Ready4Rishi” campaign. it is clear the ambitious minister would go to any length to become PM. There is some serious allegation game going on Tory WhatsApp groups. he is called a “dirty dossier”. 

The Sunday Telegraph has exposed the former minister and given reasons that he will loot the British people and impose heavy taxes on them. They called him a lying schoolboy who will not practice good tax practices.

A source gave inside details about next UK PM candidate:

“There’s a lot of runners and riders and a frontrunner at the moment trying to create a coronation scenario. The dossier would suggest that he’s actually got a pretty poor record – that’s not opinion, it’s fact. This is about winning the next general election. That’s why it’s being circulated. It’s spread like wildfire. There won’t be a Tory MP who hasn’t seen it by now,” 

Rishi Sunak was caught by the newspaper on his wife’s legal nondomicile tax issue. He is such a big fraud that even after becoming a UK minister he did not leave his US green card for selfish reasons. that alone should be why he should not be given a chance as PM. Sajid Javid resigned and he resigned minutes after him to be seen as a contender for the next PM. says a lot about his intentions. He already had a domain registered last year that indicates he was planning to be the PM long ago and Boris was unaware of it.

Rishi also did parties during covid and he also attracted a fine from UK police.

Rishi Sunak will not cut taxes until the economy improve.

“Do we confront this moment with honesty, seriousness, and determination or do we tell ourselves comforting fairy tales that might make us feel better in the moment but will leave our children worse off tomorrow,” Rishi questioned.

Rishi Sunak launches campaign to be UK PM

Rishi has ousted Boris, He won’t like to see him as PM and they want to block his campaign.

“Clearly the Prime Minister remains deeply bruised by the Chancellor’s resignation. Rishi’s camp will have to soak up a lot of anger over the days to come. That will apply to whoever takes over,” Sir Charles Walker, told the ‘Observer’ newspaper.

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