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R’Kayla Briggs Believed To Still Be In Georgia After Going Missing With A Man

R'Kayla Briggs
R'Kayla Briggs; image credits - FOX 5 Atlanta

Tuesday night in Georgia, an 11-year-old girl left her house after packing her backpack and sneaking out the back door. R’Kayla Briggs’ family thinks that the 11-year-old seems to be with an adult person and has been preparing to travel with him for a certain time.

R’Kayla Briggs: When Did She Go Missing?

R’Kayla Briggs’ family is now in need of your assistance in finding their missing daughter and returning her securely. R’Kayla Briggs, 11, is wanted by Clayton County police after she allegedly ran away from home on Tuesday and has not been seen since. Briggs may be near Macon or maybe traveling to Texas, according to information gathered by the investigators during their inquiry, they said.

R'Kayla Briggs

R’Kayla Briggs; image credits – FOX 5 Atlanta

All About R’Kayla Briggs

Briggs is noted as weighing about 120 pounds and is 4 feet 11 inches tall. She has brown eyes and black hair. She wore a grey tank top, white, and black, as well as a grey hoodie, black tights, & blue pants when she was last seen. The case of R’Kayla Brigg’s vanishing may serve as a warning that youngsters are particularly vulnerable to the practice of grooming.

Filling a need in the youth is one of the ways attackers groom young children, claims the Darkness to Light website, a group devoted to ending child sexual abuse. The perpetrators use strategies that include delivering gifts, flattery, giving money, and providing for other necessities. Tactics could also involve showing the targeted child more love and affection. The act of grooming a kid may initially appear to be a close friendship seen between the offending adult, the youngster being groomed, and the child’s carers.


1. What is the age of R’Kayla Briggs?

Ans. 11-year-old

2. When did R’Kayla Briggs go missing?

Ans. December 13

3. What is the height of R’Kayla Briggs?

Ans. 4 feet 11 inches

4. Where is R’Kayla Briggs from?

Ans. Georgia

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