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Robert J. Crayton Jr. Killed His Wife And Their 3 Children Before Killing Himself

Robert J. Crayton Jr.
Robert J. Crayton Jr.; image credit: The republic monitor

Authorities have identified the family of five who are thought to have died in a murder-suicide in High Point, North Carolina.

Athalia A. Crayton

Athalia A. Clayton; image credits: People.Com

Victims Murdered By Robert J. Crayton Jr.

According to a press release from the High Point Police Department, Robert J. Crayton, Jr., 45, committed himself after killing his wife Athalia A. Crayton, 46, and the couple’s three children: 18-year-old Kasin Crayton and two unidentified children, aged 16 and 10. Police revised the victims’ ages, saying that there were just two youngsters slain, not three as was initially reported.

Just after 7 a.m. on January 7, officers made the horrifying discovery after being directed to the house by an adult male and adult female who had been “running down the road crying that they needed help.”The two people who had cried for help were later interrogated by authorities. one of the two is a resident and the other is a guest. Officials had phone calls to the house in 2014, 2016, 2019, and January 2022.

Robert J. Crayton Jr.’s Mental Health

The most recent call to the house, according to the department’s release, was on January 3, 2022, when officers served an order for an involuntary mental commitment. Patrick Welsh, a lieutenant of the High Point Police Department, stated that he thought Robert had “some mental disorder.” Authorities say they are still looking into a motive, and to preserve their investigation, no other information will be made public.

Robert J. Crayton Jr.’s Career

There is a history of mental instability in the man accused of killing his wife and children. On Saturday in HighPoint, North Carolina, he killed his wife, Athalia Crayton, three of their kids, and himself. He had a job as an actor. He made several television appearances. As of Monday afternoon, the tragedy’s origins were still a mystery. Police in High Point said the investigation is still open. Additionally, there is no proof that the neighborhood is in danger.

Since 2014, there have been five further police visits to this address. Before this event, police had last been called on January 3, when they delivered a court order for involuntary mental confinement. There is currently no data suggesting a threat to the neighborhood, according to the police.


1. What is the age of Robert J. Crayton, Jr.?

Ans. 45 years old

2. Who is the wife of Robert J. Crayton, Jr.?

Ans. Athalia A. Crayton

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