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Robert Pattinsons Batman Sets Up A Sequel ‘The Batman’ Ending

Robert Pattinsons Batman Sets Up A Sequel 'The Batman' Ending
Robert Pattinsons Batman Sets Up A Sequel 'The Batman' Ending

The ending of The Batman has left us with several questions. Although this movie is of three-hour runtime and was a bladder-bursting experience, the new film by Matt Reeve meant that no one was leaving their seats. Dark Knight’s return is full of riddles; we’ve broken down exactly what happened in The Batman and answered some of your biggest unanswered questions. We even take a deep dive into the mysterious Batman website over trying to work the Riddler’s final ciphers that have had armchair detectives worldwide.

Know more about the Batman ending-

In the Batman movie, Riddler (Paul Dano) leads Batman (Robert Pattinson) and Lieutenant Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) on a mouse and cat chase to uncover Gotham’s darkest secrets and untangle a web of lies. The biggest conspiracy revolves around the phrase, “You are El Rata Alada.” And Batman translates it roughly as ‘rat with wings,’ and it all centers on someone from Gotham’s underworld, which has been feeding the GCPD info. Gordon and Batman interrogate Penguin, who reveals a linguistical slip up in their investigation. Grammatically incorrect ‘You are El Rata Alada.’ 

We later find out the ‘rat with wings is Carmine Falcone. With Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman in a showdown at his club within club 44, He killed Catwoman’s mother. He reveals that as well as her friend, Annika. She goes to shoot Falcone, misses, and is eventually stopped by Batman.

When will Batman premiere, and the ending be explained-

On Monday on HBO Max, the Batman premiered, 45 days just after in theaters, In living rooms across the world, bringing the masked vigilante.

Matt Reeves is the director, with Peter Craig, who also co-wrote the script, Robert Pattinson, The Batman puts behind the mask, as the reclusive billionaire turned vigilante known as Bruce Wayne.

In the Riddler’s evil plot in time, Batman cannot stop. Several people die, although, with some help from Selina, he does manage to save mayor-elect Bella Reál. Batman continues to help save the victims that he can, even in defeat; Selina tells Batman when it’s over that Gotham is beyond saving, and Batman replies that he has to try. we see the Riddler moaning and groaning in his jail cell in one of the final scenes. Although there is no The Batman post-credits scene, there is a link to a mysterious website at the end of the credits.

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