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Rosalía And Tokischa Surprise The Audience At The Billboard Awards

“The friends who kiss are the best company” sings the new song that Rosalía has premiered together with Tokischa , a rising Dominican star who is becoming known for her unique urban music style and striking looks . The song, called Linda , is triumphing in all corners of the planet, but especially before the Latin public, who yesterday was able to enjoy an impressive live performance.

The Catalan, already a regular in the US award ceremonies, attended the Billboard Latin Music Awards this past Thursday, September 23, to demonstrate once again her showmanship.

It was one of the live performances that had created the most buzz in recent weeks and it did not disappoint. The friends went on stage to give it their all, dancing and singing, but, in the end, what attracted the most attention was the spontaneous kiss on the mouth that emerged between them at the end of the song.

A moment that perfectly illustrates the message of the song and that, although it should not surprise anyone, is being one of the most talked about a day after the awards were given.

The artists thus sent a message of diversity and acceptance in a performance starring LGTB dancers . This claim is another of the personal hallmarks of the artist from the Dominican Republic who declares herself bisexual and speaks in all her interviews about her right to live it openly.

All those who still have problems with this type of behavior, had no choice but to see them included in one of the most important nights of Latin music, where Bad Bunny swept 10 awards.

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