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Roy Bubba Armstrong has passed away at 67. Marlette community’s vital member death

Roy Bubba Armstrong has passed away at 67

Roy ” bubba” Armstrong was a Marlette baseball fan. Roy spends all his life on Marlette games. since he was 17 he was a regular on the field and he died after 50 years of love for Marlette.

“He had that mixture of longevity and (the ability) to be anybody’s friend,”  “And if he was your friend, he was your friend for life.”

“I don’t think it’s understating it by saying that he was an institution,” Marlette school board vice president Neal Bishop said. “He was a steady foundation for the community. What people knew about him — even if you didn’t know him personally — was his unbelievable kindness to everyone. When you saw Bubba, you saw goodness.” Marlette assistant baseball coach Jim Marshall said.

Roy bubba Armstrong was present on the field for 50 years:

Roy loved to wear referee jerseys and he would be often spotted in the same. He was a regular on red raiders sporting events for nearly 50 years.

he used to manage many teams and was always occupied with sports work. He just wanted to be a part of the game from talking to teams to bringing them refreshments he did it all. he enjoyed it. He even made post-match speeches.

“One of his big jobs was taking care of referees,” Marshall said. “He was known for getting them bottles of water and popcorn. It was like clockwork.”

He was loved by teams and fans and he was an iconic figure with no hate. he spread love unline many sports figures.

Roy Bubba was remembered by fans and coaches:

“He was loved by everybody,”  “It wasn’t just Marlette. Any school that he attended always had a special place for Bubba. Whether it was Sandusky, Brown City, Memphis — wherever he went, they really extended a hand to him at all times. There really was no opposing school when it came to Bubba.” Marlette athletic director Drake S. Okie said.

Roy Bubba Armstrong has passed away at 67

Armstrong was a loved man. many people who met him during matches have shared their anecdotes with the man.

“I was actually working at another school,” Okie said. “And we had beaten Marlette in boys basketball. He came up to me and said, ‘As much as I love Marlette, it was a great game and I’m happy for you guys.’ He lived and breathed Marlette. But he appreciated the efforts of everybody.”

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