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Rumors about David Boyle fills the online sphere after the player was met with an accident

David Boyle

Nowadays the world is too dependent on the internet to get their news. Almost all of the news around the world is delivered online and with the rise of social media, this number is only going higher. Amid all the news circulating online, many of them can turn out to be unverified and untrue too. These types of stories are often an attempt for people to gain momentary fame online at the expense of the pain of other people.

One such news making rounds now is that famous Australian Rugby football player, David Boyle, has met with an unfortunate accident and has been hospitalized for the same. The news states that David Boyle is in serious condition for now and his treatment is going on. 

Who is David Boyle? Death, Obituary, Photos

David Boyle is the star player of the Australian rugby team and has participated in a number of international rugby tournaments and has participated in a number of games throughout his career. During the 1990s and 2000s, he briefly participated in the rugby matches for the Canberra Raiders. He is a very well, successful, and a self-made player who has worked hard for the fame he has today. David is an essential part of Australian rugby culture, and he is known for his heroic tackles in the last seconds of games.

What happened to David Boyle?

Tragically, David was involved in a car crash. He suffered from post-traumatic amnesia and underwent nearly four months in Liverpool Hospital’s Brain Trauma Rehabilitation Center. He was comatose for a while and is slowly regaining consciousness. Despite the fact that the sportsman is no longer at risk, internet rumors’ about his demise and poor health are spreading. David Boyle is getting better every day and will soon be back to his normal life.

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