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Russian Tank Commander Andrei Zakharov gets killed

Russian Tank Commander Andrei Zakharov gets killed
Russian Tank Commander Andrei Zakharov gets killed

According to the news reports, it is coming to the notice that the Ukraine Armed Forces killed the Russian tank commander, Andrei Zakharov. He was killed in the Bovery area of the Kyiv region. These all incidents took place on ten march. Andrei Zakharov

What all happened to the commander, Andrei Zakharov?

According to the media reports, he was killed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Order of Courage was also awarded by Vladimir Putin to Zakharov. He was awarded in 2016, and it is worth noticing the fact. It was the 15th day of the Russia Ukraine war. Ukraine Armed Forces have already destroyed four Russian aircraft, two missiles, and two helicopters. And according to the latest reports, it is coming to the notice that Russia has lost 82 helicopters and 56 planes. On the 15th day of the war, Russian military strikes were happening. Ukraine’s president also mentioned that their country would no longer pursue NATO membership. Zelenskyy has also presented its wish to join Ukraine and the European Union.

What was the hilarious news?

Massive explosions were seen when several tanks were hitten by projectiles in a residential area. The matter of the killing of Andrei Zakharov has not been verified. There was a considerable loss of types of equipment during the time, and the troops moved to defense. When the invasion was launched two weeks ago, two other commanders were also killed. The UK ministry has mentioned that Russia has been facing significant losses. Putin’s forces have failed to capture Kyiv since they have ordered the invasion and the bombardments have been flooding all around. Even in Mariupol, there is a Black Sea Port, there also three people were killed, including a child. This report is according to the Ukraine officials.

The Russian forces have surrounded the whole Mariupol, but this is all still in the hands of Ukraine. Russians also have to experience the consequences of harsh economic sanctions. Meanwhile, Mr Putin also mentioned that the sanctions are illegitimate, and Russia would solve their problems in a very calm manner. However, the future of the Russian children has been stolen, and they would draw fierce condemnation from the leaders around the world.

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