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Russian tank runs over civilian car and driver survives

Russian tank runs over civilian car and driver survives
Russian tank runs over civilian car and driver survives

A Ukrainian man has some way or another made due after the vehicle he was driving was run over by a Russian tank.

Russian tank runs over the vehicle, Ukrainian man survivesPlay Video01:04

Video arose later of individuals attempting to liberate an old man from the destruction of the vehicle. (Source: Supplied)

The alarming film, shot from neighbouring structures in Kyiv’s Obolon locale, shows the tank steer to run over the vehicle as those shooting shout.

The tank then, at that point, inverts back over the vehicle.

Video later arose of a gathering attempting to free the man, who seemed to be cognizant, from the vehicle.

Russian soldiers in Kyiv, Putin approaches Ukraine’s military to turn on its government play Video07:48

Russian soldiers and military vehicles have been accounted for inside as far as possible. (Source: 1News)

Individuals should have been visible pounding at the entryway and attempting to switch it open.

The video comes as Kyiv’s occupants prepare themselves in fortifications as Russian powers keep on assaulting Ukraine’s capital.

A huge number of Ukrainian regular citizens are currently being impacted by the fighting play Video02:45

Bounty has taken up the proposal of free weapons to help battle and millions more are frantically attempting to move. (Source: 1News)

The city of almost 3,000,000 is being shaken by the sound of tanks, gunfire


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