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Ryan Cashin and two others were jailed for murdering a student

Ryan Cashin and two others were jailed for murdering a student

Two men have been sentenced to life in prison and a teenager has been arrested for the stabbing death of a 16-year-old who was pursued through the streets.

Ryan Cashin and two others murdered whom?

Rhamero West, a nephew of ex-England footballer Shaun Wright-Phillips, was assaulted in Old Trafford following his first day of college on September 9th.  His killers were “giggling and smiling in the dock,” according to his mother.

After being convicted guilty of murder, Ryan Cashin, 19, Marquis Richards, 17, and Giovanni Lawrence, 20, were sentenced to prison.

Cashin, of Nancy Street, Hulme, received a minimum sentence of 23 years and four months, Lawrence, of no fixed address, received a minimum sentence of 20 years and seven months, and Richards, of Anne Nuttall Road, Hulme, received a minimum sentence of 17 years and three months.

How did Ryan Cashin and two others killed Rhamero?

Rhamero was driving a stolen BMW with his buddies in Moss Side when two other cars rushed passed them, according to Manchester Crown Court.

Richards, 17, approached Rhamero from another stolen BMW while stopped in traffic and lunged at him multiple times with a huge knife, after the court removed a restriction on identifying him. Rhamero “drove the car he was riding in between cars in front of him” to get away, according to prosecutors. Cashin and Richards followed in the two BMWs.

Ryan Cashin and two others were jailed for murdering a student


The jury heard that a “frightened” Rhamero, who was driving “extremely fast and in an unpredictable manner,” collided with another car and a tree before fleeing to the Old Trafford area with his friends.

With a huge knife, Richards pursued Rhamero and his companions.  He gave the weapon to Cashin, who “took hold of it like a baton in a relay race” when he appeared to run out of air. Rhamero attempted to flee by knocking on doors and hopping through gardens.

He tried to hide in a garden by lying down, but Cashin saw him and shouted “got you” before stabbing him multiple times, according to the court. The BMWs, one of which was driven by Lawrence, then was taken by Cashin and Richards to escape.

The court heard that before paramedics came, residents offered Rhamero first aid and performed open-heart surgery in the street.  He was rushed to the hospital, but he died later.

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