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Ryan Rems Sarita Dead or Alive? Cause of Death, Rumours

Ryan Rems Sarita Dead or Alive? Cause of Death, Rumours
Ryan Rems Sarita Dead or Alive? Cause of Death, Rumours

Ryan Rems Sarita is a renowned Filipino comedian known for his unique way of delivering jokes. Here are some basic details about Ryan Rems and his lifestyle.

Ryan Rems Sarita is a famous personality who does stand-up comedy on T.V shows. He was born on 3rd November 1978. People call him Ryan Rems. He is known for his remarkable performance on “Its Showtime.” 

His career got a boost due to his excellent performance in that show in 2015. He got into the world of comedy in the year 2008. He is known for delivering jokes in a not so funny way. Ryan Rem completed his degree from a renowned university called Centro Escolar University. After doing various jobs and getting rejected, he found out that he belonged to the world of comedy. He has worked as a Telecaller, teacher, and musician.

How did his career kick start in the field of comedy and entertainment?

As we said, Ryan Rem Sarita has been a comedian since 2008. However, in 2015 people started noticing him more due to his performance in “Its Showtime.” He usually delivers jokes in a dead, non-humorous, and deadpan way, making him stand out from other comedians in the industry. 

Even after getting eliminated due to his excellent performance, judges allowed him to be on the show again. And eventually, he won the show. He also worked for a popular organization Comedy Manila to produce comedy shows. He also acted in a series called Funny Is Pare ko in 2012. The names of the various T.V shows he has worked on are Bagani, Banana Sundae, Langit Lupa, Rated K, It’s showtime, My Super D, etc.

Ryan Rems Sarita Dead

Did Ryan Rems Sarita kill himself?

Only a few friends and some sources claim that Ryan Rems is dead. Various sources have reported that he died at the young age of 43 due to a viagra overdose. Ryan Rem’s friends and family have not confirmed the reason for his death or if the news is accurate or not. Fans think that he might be doing it for publicity. Netizens are extremely disheartened and sad about this news and pay their condolences through social media.

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