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Saint Louis University student, Gabbie Jonas Omaha dies.

Gabbie Jonas Omaha
Gabbie Jonas Omaha

Gabrielle “Gabbie” Jonas of Omaha, Nebraska has passed at a very young age of 24 on Saturday, March 5, 2022. The reason for the death was unknown and not disclosed.

Karen and Michael welcomed Gabbie to the world on June 6, 1997. She studied through two schools namely Marian High School and St. James/Seton school, and two universities Drake University and St. Louis University. She would have received her MHA from SLU in May 2022. She wanted to start her work in July since she had a scholarship to Children’s Hospital.

In a Twitter post, Rossie Death-Obituary stated and confirmed that “Gabbie Jonas Death news, not an Obituary – Gabrielle “Gabbie” Jonas of Omaha, Nebraska has passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, March 5, 2022, at age 24. “

Through Facebook, claimed that “The Drake softball community is currently broken with the news of one of its finest players, Gabbie Jonas death. This is a piece of devastating news for the family and loved ones of the vibrant and energetic player. Her friends are broken especially Sarah Maddox whose mother has told the public of how the passing of Jonas is breaking her.”

Loved ones of Gabbie and her family members posted tributes and condolences on different social media platforms. A loved one of Gabbie, Robert Maddox shared on social media through Facebook, “My daughter Sarah Maddox had the pleasure of taking part in with this superb younger woman for 3 years. Sarah regarded as much as Gabi, they usually quickly developed an exquisite and shut friendship on and off the sector. Sarah and Gabi have made a terrific 2-3 crew throughout these great and 3 years. Sarah was devastated and our entire household was heartbroken. Gabby Jonas is among the best gamers and she’s going to eternally be in our Drake Hall of Fame for her superb abilities and management each on and off the courtroom. The household will always keep in mind her for her kindness and friendship with newcomers away from residence.”

“Our prayers are with Gabbie Jonas’ household and family members.”

The Softball team at Drake University, the university committee, and her close relatives have already shared their tribute and honour for the departed young soul.

The outstanding catcher and outfielder of Drakes University’s Softball team, Gabbie Jonas died unexpectedly. Massive tribute has been shown to the softball player for her playing career and her charming personality by the university faculty and peer circle. According to InsideEko, Gabbie Jonas Omaha will forever be deemed in the reputed and all-revered Drake Hall of Fame for her game talents and extraordinary skills.

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