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Sakshi Tanwar is Trending in Netflix Mai reviews.

Mai reviews

The crime series Netflix is a boilerplate thriller ladled out on elegant dishes. However, the demure pillar transformation of the family into a scepter of vengeance has crackling tension, excellent production values, and some solid performances. The name of the Mai directors is Anshai Lal, Atul Mongia. Mai pulls a tough feat. It coaxes you to suspend tons of disbelief because you have been drawn into its world and have become invested in its characters. 

(Sakshi Tanwar) Sheel is a volunteer nurse in Lucknow in a nursing home, the wife of the put upon Yash (Vivek Mushran), and the mother of Supriya (Wamiqa Gabbi). She is brave and talented but mute, just one of many characters. 

The Sheel investigation into Supriya’s mysterious death brings in contact with the businessman Jawahar, Jawahars lover Neelam, and Jawahars posse of enforcers. Two of the enforcers, Prashant and Shankar, find out just what it means to encounter a wounded tigress trying to protect her cubs. Moreover, the police officer Farooque wandering in the urban jungle Ankur ratan, has a special interest in the Supriyas case. It is just how a woman divides her time among her family.

Things that remain a mystery-

Just know how a woman divides her time between her family and the sleepy inmates of a nursing home and suddenly becomes equipped to take on complicit cops, a dodgy businessman, a hard-eyed female gangster, and brutal baddies without turning a hair.

And this is where I found myself admiring the dexterity with which the creator, Atul Mongia, and the writers (Mongia, Tamal Sen, Amita Vyas) coax us along with the writers, even when it seems to be anything missing from crucial characters. Everyone has a question Who is this guy? Why is he the way he is? And His attitude has a lot to do with the way Sheel responds to things, but it remains a mystery.

Mai Web Series Story

The other parts in mai –

The other parts are of ‘chor-police’ action (there is one long sequence where machine guns rattle and bodies fall, life ebbing away, which is notable), and there is a non-stop ‘Gaalis,’ and twists and turns. Some floods of invective will remind you of ‘Mirzapur’ and other crime sagas set in UP: it’s got old, guys, and tiresome. But then some of the faces stand out again as a couple of louts-on-to-a-good-thing, Anant Vidhaat and Vaibhav Raj Gupta (last seen in ‘Gullak’) have something nice going on. The heart of ‘Mai Sakshi Tanwar’s journey from a timid housewife to a woman with steel.

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