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Samantha Drummonds Four people were killed in the same house in Bermondsey stabbings

Samantha Drummondsv

On suspicion of the murder of a family of four in their own house, a man is arrested. Yet police have not revealed and confirmed the identities of the suspect. As per the information, the grandmother, her partner, her daughter, and her granddaughter are the ones who were killed.

Know when police arrived where were they

When police arrived, Joshua Jerome Derriviere Jacques, who was 28, and one of the victim’s boyfriends, Samantha Drummonds, these are inside the property. By the officers, he was tasered, and they found the bodies of Samantha, who was at the age of 29, her mother, Tanysha Drummonds, 45years old, grandmother Dolet Hill. At the age of 64, Dolet’s partner Denton Burke her age was 59.

During the early hours of yesterday morning, all four were pronounced dead despite the best efforts of paramedics at the scene in Bermondsey, south London.

Samantha Drummonds Bermondsey stabbings

Know where was Jacques id being treated

Jacques’s treatment is going on in the Lewisham Hospital, and she will be questioned by detectives later. Today it was revealed that the suspected knifeman was locked. He was recently locked inside the Dolet and Denton’s bedroom home before they died. Neighbors had heard the terrifying screams of the victims, and they called the police, and then police smashed down the door to find a bloodbath, with lying bodies on the floor and Tasered the knifeman. 

Given the first full information of what happened inside the property Danny Ofori-Akuffo, Tanysha’s husband given in the statement. He said while speaking, ‘Neighbours heard screaming and then they called the police who forced entry when they arrived and found him. 

He tried to run but was Tasered. ‘ Lying just behind the front door, one of the bodies was found. I don’t know who it was. As ‘Dolet locks the door before she goes to bed and takes the key up with her every night, the attacker cannot escape the house.

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