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Sasha Obama’s boyfriend revealed to be Clifton Powell Jr

Sasha Obama’s boyfriend revealed to be Clifton Powell Jr
Sasha Obama’s boyfriend revealed to be Clifton Powell Jr

News circulated on social media after Michelle Obama revealed that her daughter Sasha Obama was dating. Finally, her boyfriend was revealed to be Clifton Powell junior, the son of Hollywood actor Clifton Powell and who’s 24 years old.

Sasha Obama’s boyfriend:

Sasha Obama, playing the daughter of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, is dating Clifton Powell junior, a basketball star and a commercial director working for Nike and Peloton. Clifton Powell junior, nicknamed Cliff, is the son of famous Hollywood actor Clifton Powell. He attended Willett Christian high school in Fernando valley and is 24 years old.

According to reports, he was offered a four-year basketball scholarship at the University of Santa Barbara. But, he chose to concentrate on his commercial career. Clifton met Sasha, Who is currently 20 years old, in Los Angeles after she dropped her studies at the University of Michigan and joined the University of Southern California. 

Sasha Obama's boyfriend

Sasha Obama’s boyfriend

 Michelle Obama broke the news about the duo in an interview as she said that her daughters had grown up and they had started dating. Since then, Sasha Obama has been making headlines about her boyfriend, Clifton Powell. His father, Clifton Powell, is a famous actor of 66 who rose to prominence after acting in the movie Ray. 

Cliff’s dad was expecting him to join basketball, but he wanted to do something in the film industry and thus became a commercial director. 

He is also professionally known as CP3, evident by his social media. The 20 was spotted outside very recently, and it was then revealed that he is Sasha’s beau. Cliff’s mom is named Kimberly Crooms, who is 58 years old, and his sister is named May, who is 29 years old.

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