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Season 2 of Megaton Musashi is Confirmed For Fall in 2022

Season 2 of Megaton Musashi is Confirmed For Fall in 2022

In recent times you can see there have been many anime announcements that are a surprise for the fans of anime lovers. Many anime are going with their full potential: One Piece, Rising of the Shield Hero, and many more. People are getting entertained with this series which is coming. 

So recently, we are getting information about the Megaton Musashi series, a famous RPG game series. It is finally confirmed that the season 2 Megaton Musashi is all set to release soon, but it’s coming with some twist. Here you can know about the release date.

Know about the Season 1 of Megaton Musashi-

In October 2021 released, season 1 of Megaton Musashi and on the 17th of December 2021, the series ended. This series’s first season has received the fan’s average ratings and the storyline has major flaws. But the series also has some cool moments and these moments are people who personally think that are enough to cover these flaws. On the distribution part, the creators do not focus on the part of the distribution.

Know about the release date and twist of season 2 Megaton Musashi –

In October 2022, it is confirmed that with season 2 of Megaton Musashi is coming back. Fans have many hopes for this season, and the creators of this season are giving a great focus on marketing, and with this project, they are doing the hard work. 

season 2 Megaton Musashi -

In season 2, there is a major twist that it will be the sequel of the PS4/Nintendo series in Japan, which flopped badly. So people think that creators have the whole new plans with this project with some concept in mind, and it will be interesting to watch how the makers will make this flopped series into something with a great storyline. 

To the OLM, this project is handed to the Pokemon TV series the company had adapted. It has not revealed the songs for this season yet.

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