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Sebastian Robinson Apparent Murder-Suicide’

Sebastian Robinson
Source: People

Following the death of one of the school’s students in a murder-suicide that took place early on Thursday in Andover, Massachusetts, classes at Saint John’s Preparatory School in Danvers, Massachusetts, were postponed for a second day in a row.

The staff, students, and parents of the school came together on Thursday night to honour sixth-grader Sebastian Robinson, who had passed away unexpectedly. Everyone was in shock over the tragedy.

There were still many unanswered questions surrounding the tragedy that claimed the lives of three members of the same family on Friday. Sebastian’s body was discovered beside those of his mother and father following what the investigators believe to have been a murder-suicide. It was assumed that his father had shot himself in the head, therefore ending his own life.

Honoring Sebastian Robinson

His teachers recalled Sebastian as being kind and imaginative. He was also a voracious reader and played the cello in the orchestra.

According to Michael Driscoll, who served as the campus chaplain for the middle school, “Sebastian was a loving and caring classmate to all of those around him.”

Boy, 12, Is Killed Along with Mom by His Dad in Double Murder-Suicide

Source: People

The Head of School, Ed Hardiman, had this to say about Sebastian: “Sebastian was a fantastic young guy.” “He exudes a warm and comforting aura all around. He was an exceptionally imaginative student who was very highly liked by all of his professors.”

Apparent Murder-Suicide’

On Thursday, officials in Essex County reported that the event was “an apparent example of domestic violence,” adding that it seemed to be a murder-suicide.

Andrew Robinson, his wife Linda, and their son Sebastian were confirmed to have been the victims of the shooting. According to the prosecution and police of Essex County, Andrew seemed to have shot himself in the head before taking his own life.

During the press conference that Keefe and Paul Tucker, the district attorney for Essex County, conducted together, Keefe acknowledged that the person who called 911 was a resident of the residence on Porter Road that was the subject of the investigation.

“As you can imagine, this being early in the first of many hours into this scene, we have quite a bit of work to do, and we’re still in the preliminary phases,” Tucker said. “As you can expect, this being early in the first of several hours into this scene.” “However, one of the things that we would like to make sure people understand is that there is absolutely no risk to the general population. The address given below contains all of the relevant information on this scenario.”

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