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Serenity Mckinney: Four Years Old Girl Went Missing

Serenity Mckinney
Serenity Mckinney

Serenity McKinney is just a 4 years old girl who has been missing for more than one year. Serenity McKinney’s mother was arrested by the police officials, along with her boyfriend, and Serenity McKinney was not used to staying with her mother. Serenity McKinney is an innocent girl who went missing, and no one noticed. She lived with her grandparents, and her mother used to live with her boyfriend.

Who is Serenity McKinney?

Serenity McKinney is a four-year-old girl, and she has been missing from Kentucky since 12th December 2020; she has blue eyes and blonde hair. No one In her family noticed her, but some of the relatives finally called the police. She belongs to the country bullit. Serenity McKinney has a birthmark on her stomach.

Serenity McKinney has been missing for the last 14 months, her grandparents called the police officers at the end, but her parents didn’t notice it. Authority has declared that Serenity McKinney is in danger. Serenity McKinney’s mother has blocked all the family relatives from social media for the last six months, and it is not an individual’s typical behavior. The police officers have arrested serenity McKinney’s mother and her mother’s boyfriends, and the warrant was also issued.

How did relatives find out the different behavior of her mother?

Serenity McKinney’s mother has blocked all the family members from social media. Her mother is not corporative with the law, and her mother has stopped communication with the family members in recent months. Her mother has changed her mobile number and is not communicating with the family anymore. Her mother lived with her boyfriend from July 2021 to September 2021, but she was not with her mother.

The grandparents of Serenity McKinney noticed that she was missing from the house, and they have called the police in this regard. The behavior of the mother of Serenity McKinney has been changed over the last six months.


What is the appearance of the Serenity McKinney?

Serenity McKinney has blonde hair, has blue eyes, and she wasn’t used to living with her mother. The police officers have also issued the grant regarding her mother, and she has been arrested by the police because there was a drastic change in her behavior from the past many years. She has been missing for more than one year, and her family members are tense for her. 

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