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Several Fractured Bones Were Sustained By Jay Leno In A Motorbike Accident 

Jay Leno
Image credit- Yahoo News

Leno claims that when he was knocked from the motorcycle, he shattered his ribs, collarbone, and kneecaps. Jay Leno said he shattered many bones in a motorbike accident months after sustaining “severe burns” in a gasoline fire while working on one of his automobiles.

Who Is Jay Leno?

Leno, 72, told the Las Vegas Review Journal that on January 17, a wire hung across a parking lot “knocked him off” his motorcycle, fracturing two ribs, two kneecaps, and a collarbone.

When a gasoline mishap at his garage caused Jay Leno’s face to catch fire, he described the subsequent seconds. Leno claimed that he took a 1940 Indian motorcycle for a test ride.

Leno told the Review Journal, “I turned down a side street and cut across a parking lot. Unbeknownst to me, some guy had a wire strung over the parking lot, but there was no flag hanging from it.

Multiple Fractures

The comedian Jay Leno is dealing with shattered bones following a motorcycle accident, which happened months after he sustained “severe burns” in a gasoline fire while working on one of his vehicles.

“Before it was too late, I failed to notice it. I was just clotheslined and then suddenly knocked off the bike. You’re aware of how that ends up as the bike keeps going.”

Doctor Of Jay Leno Provides Update About His Health

Jay Leno

Image credit- Yahoo News

Several months after undergoing numerous operations for third-degree burns on his face and hands caused by a fire in his Burbank garage, Leno was involved in a motorbike accident.

The 72-year-old comedian and antique automobile collector Jay Leno received treatment after sustaining “severe burns” in a gasoline fire while working on one of his autos.

Leno underwent a hyperbaric chamber treatment in November of last year in order to recover from his first serious accident. According to Leno’s physician, Peter Grossman, this procedure is intended to reduce swelling, improve blood flow with adequate oxygenation, and reduce bacteria.

Why Is Gasoline Needed For Jay Leno’s Steam-Powered Car?

The talk show host admitted that because the previous car accident garnered so much media attention, he held back from publicly discussing his most recent motorcycle accident.

Leno has been upbeat about his second accident, despite having several fractured bones, and has laughed off the stressful circumstances.


1. Who is Jay Leno ?

A. He is an American Television Host and comedian

2. What is his profession?

A. Television Host

3. What is Odele Jay Leno?


4. How old is Jay Leno?

A. 72 years old

5. What happened to Jay Leno?

A. He got multiple fractures from motorcycle accident

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