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Shatanya Clarke: A Texas news anchor, does recently, at the age of 27

Shatanya Clarke

Shatanya Clarke is a very famous American news anchor. Sadly, she has died recently. She was just 27 years old and was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

She was known for her great personality. She died on Thursday.

She also made a YouTube video to tell everyone what she was going through. During the pandemic, she created a segment to help local charities raise to support their efforts against COVID-19. She graduated from Florida A&M University and served as a member of the Zeta Phi Beta sorority.

Her news director also expressed how sad he was after her death. He said that “Shatanya was a bigger-than-life spirit, her wit and personality could brighten anyone’s day. She had a passion for telling stories in a way that hit home. To say our family and this community will miss her is the understatement of the year.”

Shatanya Clarke Age

Who was Shatanya Clarke?

She was one of the most famous anchors on KFDX. In addition, she has shared YouTube videos regarding her disease titled ‘shatanya’s journey.’ She is a native of Jamaica and shifted to Texas. She then joined KFDX in 2018.

Her family is shocked to hear the news. That can’t comprehend what happened d to Shatanya. It came out as a very big shock for them, and they are still devastated.

Her fans were also sad when they got to know about her disease. She did try hard to win this battle against cancer, but that couldn’t happen.

Her fans and family are praying for her and giving tribute to her. They are also sharing the previous video clips on their social media account. Unfortunately, she is no more, so they remember her through her previous video clips. Family and friends are in very big mourning.

Shatanya was an amazing person who always helped others. Her loved ones will always remember her. She was an angel, and her soul rests in peace.

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