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Shaughna Phillips hurried to hospital after her baby stopped moving.

Shaughna Phillips
Source: Head Topics

British Democratic Services Officer Shaughna Phillips is situated in the capital city of London. She first gained widespread attention as a part of the sixth season’s original cast of Love Island on ITV2. She is also well-known for being a beauty and fashion trendsetter, social media influencer, and Instagram model. She currently has over 1.5 million followers on her Instagram account. She debuted her own line of apparel in 2020 thanks to a partnership with the In the Style fashion label. Off Limits Entertainment Ltd. presently acts as Shaughna Phillips’s representative.

Participant on Love Island

In 2020, Shaughna Phillips was one of the first 10 people to live at the Love Island mansion. For the first time ever, Irish personality Laura Whitmore hosted the Cape Town-based winter episode of the show.

She met her Manchester-based partner, Callum Jones, on the first day of the first week. The next day, Jones was stolen away from Phillips by fellow competitor Eve Gale of Cambridge. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last. On day six, Jones ended things with Gale and resumed seeing Phillips.

Before reconciling with Jones, Shaughna went on a date with Cardiff’s new roommate, Connagh Howard. They made the same choice to remain together during week two.

On day 16, the two of them triumphed in the “Being Trollied” competition. After 18 days together, they decided to stay together.

Shaughna Phillips and the other contestants from the main villa won the ‘Raunchy Racing’ competition on day 24. Jones ditched her on day 26 so he could start seeing Molly Smith, another contestant from Manchester who had been on the program on day 23.

Pregnant Shaughna Phillips rushed to hospital after 'baby stops moving'

Source: Head Topics

Pregnant Shaughna Phillips rushed to the hospital

Pregnant Shaughna Phillips said she rushed to the hospital when she saw her baby wasn’t moving as much. The Love Island actress is in labour with her first child and is scheduled to be induced on Sunday. She went into early labour and released a video with her admirers before being rushed to the hospital a few weeks before her induction. Her followers have been anticipating the birth of her child ever since.

But now we know that the pregnant reality star went to the hospital since she hadn’t felt her baby move. They were going to induce her because she was 38 weeks pregnant and she added, “A few weeks ago, I went to the hospital because I believed I had diminished motions in my tummy, which turned out to be normal.”

When I informed them I wasn’t ready to give birth, they kept me in the hospital overnight and transferred me to the post-natal unit. “Being on a ward full of ladies who had just given birth and being on my alone was traumatic,” the patient said. “I felt like I was being pushed into getting an induction when I wasn’t ready, so I had a really awful night.”

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