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Shawn Laval smith stabbed Brianna Kupfer 26 times. DA is trying to save the monster murderer

Shawn Laval smith stabbed Brianna Kupfer 26 times. DA is trying to save the monster murderer

Shawn Laval Smith was already fighting another case when he made this massive attack. he had been firing at vehicles before he Killed Brianna.

 Brianna Kupfer was a bright student and she was killed when Shawn Laval smith attacked her with a knife at a furniture store.

Shawn Lavala smith stabbed the girl 26 times but the current DA George Gascon has the image of being too liberal or as they call it woke. he has let go of many criminals because keeping people in prison is not so woke. the post-partum report has confirmed that Shawn Laval smith put the dagger inside her body 26 times. but the DA is not going to file criminal charges and let him go.

DA and his obsession with the woke world that is going to save Shawn Laval, smith :

 DA is a strong supporter of mental health. he has suspended criminal proceedings and Shawn Laval smith will be taken to a mental health hospital his mental health will be evaluated and if he is found mentally sick or some other woke word. he would be allowed to go free and kill again. this monster has a long history of murder and other serious crimes but just because the woke culture like to blame it all on childhood traumas, and mental health issues such criminals are not facing the law.  it is not the state’s responsibility to save the culprit. this is setting a bad precedent.

When the terrible murder took place DA Gascon said, “The murder of Brianna Kupfer has left Los Angeles County devastated and my office is reaching out to her family to provide any services they may need.”

Shawn Laval smith stabbed Brianna 26 times. she was penetrated with knife 11 times in her breasts, five in her left arm, three in her left leg, and one in her private parts. the current DA is letting this person go. obviously, Shawn Laval smith is sick in the head. why would a normal person commit such crimes? mental health issues should not become an excuse for letting people go. this has become such a common phenomenon that no one is taking responsibility for such cases. If Shawn Laval smith can make decisions to rob banks and shoot at people Shawn Laval smith must be punished, period.

Statement of Brainna Kupfer father:

 “You have people who don’t really care about humanity and, for whatever selfish gain or for whatever reason, they act without authority and without a conscience. Everybody knows she was brutally murdered. I don’t know why people would need to know more than that. It’s glorifying a horrible tragedy for entertainment.”  

Shawn Laval smith stabbed Brianna Kupfer 26 times. DA is trying to save the monster murderer

 “We don’t want to know that at this point. It’s too difficult and too triggering.”

A total of 34 pages of the report were disclosed.

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