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Silfredo Castillo Martinez is arrested

Silfredo Castillo Martinez is arrested

Silfredo Castillo Martinez is an NYC daycare worker who has been arrested for doing the crime of child p….graphy which is illegal. 

Who is Silfredo Castillo Martinez? 

Silfredo Castillo Martinez is a Bronx daycare worker in NYC his age, according to the sources, is 32 years. It is said that he used to work in Lina’s Garden daycare. There is no personal information available about Silfredo Castillo Martinez. He is arrested for doing the crime of child p….graphy. 

Many images have been caught of him of which children he used to care for at the daycare. He was using children for his benefit. According to the sources, he started doing this children’s p….graphy in 2011 when he joined the daycare. 

Silfredo Castillo Martinez is arrested

Child pornographer, Silfredo Castillo Martinez was arrested:

This is the case in New York. The Bronx daycare worker Silfredo Castillo Martinez used to do child p….graphy trafficking since he joined as a worker in 2011. He was appointed in July 2011. This pornographer is now under arrest, and many charge sheets have been applied to him. Silfredo Castillo Martinez was arrested on Monday, i.e. 30th May 2022, according to the police.

In that daycare place, there was only the capacity of 12 children from the age of 6 weeks to 12 years, and in addition, four school children were there. Parents used to trust him to send them to that daycare, but now no one trusts such daycare for children’s safety. Silfredo used to live in the same building where the daycare was. This crime of doing child trafficking came into the vision after one boy from the daycare came in lewd footage. 

After that, the police started the investigation and checked whether other images of children were not used. Police charged him with promoting a sexual performance by a child and possessing a sexual act by a child.

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