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Soccer player Declan Bingham and his friend Sheldon are claimed to be dead, according to sources

Soccer player Declan Bingham

Declan Bingham, a Gannon University soccer player, is suspected of being engaged in a near-fatal accident. He lost his life because of it. The news of the accident was exaggerated due to the catastrophic severity of the mishap, with some versions implying that he died as a result of it.

However, there have been no official reports confirming his death as of this writing, and we emphasize that these are just internet rumours.

According to the reports, Declan Bingham was most likely with his university colleague Sheldon Van Deventer when the accident occurred.

They were allegedly playing when they were involved in a serious accident, according to those users. Their health has reportedly deteriorated over time, according to internet rumours.

The news of death about the two friends is currently trending on Reddit and Twitter.

Following the devastating news, a video of him became viral on Twitter. As he has previously proved in college soccer, the player appears to have a bright future.

Earlier when the news of his death had spread it was believed that it could have probably occurred because of a drug overdose. Later the news turned out to be fake and reports stated that he had never used drugs in his entire life.

The personal information about the player remains unrevealed as Declan Bingham doesn’t have a Wikipedia page and thus it is believed that he was in his mid-twenties when the fatal accident occurred. Declan also served as the captain of his university team.

Although according to the internet rumours the player was taken to the hospital but there is no information about his colleague Sheldon Van Deventer. Hence, the information about Sheldon is yet to be made public.

Erie Commodores FC which is a senior soccer club in Eire, Pennsylvania, USA tweeted about the incident and expressed grief to one of the Erie Sports Centre owners. It wrote, “The Erie Commodores are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Commodores player Declan Bingham, and one of the Erie Sports Center owners, Sheldon Van Deventer, due to a tragic accident. Further information will be posted soon.”

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