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Individuals, Including 5 Children, Discovered Dead Southern Utah Home Shooting

Southern Utah Home Shooting
Southern Utah Home Shooting; image credits: VICE

According to investigators and public records, a man in Utah gunned down his 5 kids, his mother-in-law, and his wife before shooting himself 2 weeks after she requested a divorce.

Southern Utah Home Shooting

Southern Utah Home Shooting; image credits: Medico Topics

The Victims Of The Southern Utah Home Shooting

The 42-year-old man & his family have been the subject of inquiries, according to Enoch Police Chief Jackson Ames, during a press conference on Thursday. He said nothing further. Small town Enoch in southern Utah, midway between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas, was shaken by the crime. Officials stated that they thought Michael Haight had shot each of the victims, including his wife, mother-in-law, and the couple’s 5 children.

According to court documents, Tausha Haight, 40, requested a divorce from her spouse on December 21. Haight had received divorce papers on December 27, according to her attorney’s statement on Thursday. According to Mayor Geoffrey Chesnut, Tausha Haight and other family members were seen the night just before death at a religious gathering for young women. Following a tip that Tausha Height had skipped an appearance earlier in the week, police were called to the family’s house Wednesday afternoon to check on their wellbeing, according to municipal officials.

The victims were discovered within the residence. According to officials, there were 3 girls & 2 boys among the kids, who were between the ages of 4 and 17. Gail Earl, Tausha Haight’s mother, was the other victim and she was 78 years old. According to a letter to parents, the five kids went to school in the Iron County School District. Tausha Haight’s divorce attorney, James Park, claimed she had not voiced any concern that her husband was physically harming her but he refused to go into further detail, citing the official inquiry into the killings. She “was an extraordinarily nice person,” according to Park, who claimed he only met with her twice, the most recent time being on Tuesday.

Where Did Southern Utah Home Shooting Take Place?

The bodies were discovered in a house that was lit up for Christmas and was in a subdivision of recently constructed single-family homes on a ridge overlooking the farming settlement of Enoch. It offers a view of residences with distant mountains and roofs coated with snow. Police tape divided the neighboring block in half. Enoch is a suburb of Cedar City, one of Utah’s fastest-growing cities and one of the fastest-growing states in the union. The route that passes through the community is lined with sheep and cattle as well as advertisements for “Custom New Homes” and outdoor activities in southern Utah’s well-known national parks and leisure regions.

The Culprit In The Southern Utah Home Shooting

Haight’s 1st birthday was celebrated in 1981 with a newspaper obituary and a picture of the infant giggling, according to newspaper archives. As a young boy who participated in Boy Scouts, he received the “Faith in God” award in fourth grade. Another newspaper item from 1992 revealed that he had received a “Gospel in Action” award from his church two years earlier. In 1998, when he was a finalist for an academic prize in high school for business and marketing, his photo was featured in the media once more. He served a church mission in Brazil after finishing high school. In 2003, he married Tuasha at a church temple in St. George.


1. Who is the culprit of the Southern Utah home shooting?

Ans. Michael Haight

2. How many people died in the Southern Utah home shooting?

Ans. 8

3. How many kids Michael Haight had?

Ans. 5

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