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Spike Porter Death – The man who took his own life at a funeral

Spike Porter Death
Spike Porter Death

Spike Porter, a 25-year-old man, took his own life while attending someone else’s funeral. His brother shared a picture of him and grieved over the death. Trials were made to save him, but he died on the spot. 

Spike Porter Death, Obituary

A very unusual incident happened in Pimpana Island Cemetery at Jacobs Wall recently. A man named Spike Porter, a resident of Gold Coast, took his own life amidst the funeral procession of some other person. The man, aged 25, allegedly attempted suicide at the cemetery. The funeral procession of Raymond Mogg, who was Spike’s friend, was going on. 

Many of the attendees recalled how they couldn’t bid Mr Mogg a final goodbye because they were busy saving Spike. Many of the paramedics present there tried to save him, but he died too soon. The helicopter immediately arrived to aid the young man, but it was too late.

A GoFundMe account has been launched in his name by Bridie Pipe. So far, it has raised an amount of 20,000 dollars. Many of the people who donated and Spike’s family members expressed their grief over the untimely death. 

They said that this was a very shocking affair and it was very difficult to handle this. Many of the people prayed for the strength of the family and paid regard to them. People are readily contributing to this cause. His brother shared his smiling picture on Facebook and wrote that he would be missed and go away too soon. 

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