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Star on the crime Junkie Brit Prawat Is She Sick and suffering from the brain Illness.

Junkie Brit Prawat

An American podcast host who is well known for his podcast Brit Prawat and he is also known for his social media personality. He is well known for co-hosting the show Crime junkie. On the show, Ashley Flowers talked about her life. One of the people named Prawat was the first who talked about Ashley’s podcasts.

Know about the groups they distributed for the fans-

Their fans have been kept into the three groups that are the Weird One, the Rude Ones, and the People Who Stay Alive. There is a podcast organized weekly, which was named a Crime Junkie, and this is popular with the people interested in taking and liking the crime. 

However, there have been some problems with the show. In 2019 there is an ex-journalist and many other podcasters came after Prawat and Flowers. They have given the accused of using their jobs, and they are not giving credit to him. In the news, when the truth came then, they silently deleted some of the episodes of crime junkie, due to which it has lost the number one place in the country podcast.

brit prawat disease

Know about the tv show-

The TV show the Crime Junkie shocked people when Brit Prawat, who was the tv show’s star of the Crime Junkie and was suffering from a brain disease. This news came on the 4th of May 2022. 

Ashley Flowers first told the world about youtube, the channel for the tv show Crime Junkie. In the video, Ashley says that Prawat is suffering from a brain bleed due to a clot in her brain. In the last week, she has done many brain surgeries. 

On Instagram, there is also a post of crime junkies, and they asked the people to write a message for Brit. If we talk about their personal life, Brit P Rawat is married to Justin Daniel. They wrote that they both were high school sweethearts and now they live happily married life.

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