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Why is Stefan Banach a mathematician paid tribute by google doodle?

Why is Stefan Banach a mathematician paid tribute by google doodle?

Polish Mathematician was a prominent personality in the field of maths and science. His doodle is celebrated on the day he became a professor.

He became one of the most learned mathematicians who influenced the upcoming generation.

He was born and raised in that time Austro Hungarian empire. he took birth in 1892 in Krakow, Poland. his father was a strict man who sent him to the city to learn. he could never know his mother.

He had weak eyesight. the army personnel came and asked him to join, during the physical fitness test he was rejected due to weak eyesight and he had to join a school to make a living.

He enjoyed math while he was teaching at school he was also working to publish papers and later he was offered a job by Lviv technical university. He was a genius who studied maths on his own and became a professor.

Young Banach used to discuss new and complicated maths problems and concepts. another professor Hugo Steinhaus heard Banach and became instant friends. both of them worked together on many revolutionary projects.

Steinhaus was the one who invented the probably and game theory. he was so proud that he met Stefan and he called him a great discovery.

Banach was the brain behind modern functional analysis, an entirely new branch of mathematics.

his work was so immense that the maths community named some of his works with his names like Banach spaces, Banach algebra, and the Banach-Steinhaus theorem. He was working in Kyiv which is invaded by Russia recently.

Stefan Banach legendery work:

Theory of topological vector spaces, measure theory, integration, the theory of sets, orthogonal series, and functional analysis.

During the world war, all the universities were closed and professor Banach and his son had to move to Rudolf Weigl’s typhus research. It was a research place for vaccines.

He was faced with lung cancer and died at the young age of 53.

Countries where google doodle is shown:

UK, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Poland, Greece, Bulgaria, Palestine, Australia, and New Zealand.

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