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Stepdad and mum jailed over Lola James brutal murder

Lola James
Source: Pkbnew

A stepfather was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum term of 28 years for the murder of his stepdaughter, who was two years old. In July of 2020, 31-year-old Kyle Bevan caused “catastrophic” brain injuries to 2-year-old Lola James.

Sinead James, Lola’s mother, was given a six-year term for her role in the death of her daughter in the family’s Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, home. Tuesday saw sentencing at the Swansea Crown Court. Lola’s death was ruled to be the result of a “sustained, deliberate, and very violent attack” by Mr Justice Martin Griffiths. Then he said, “I am sure that Kyle Bevan did this as an act of power. The only person he could feel superior to was a defenceless youngster, so he used this as an opportunity to express his dominance.

Even now, he feels no regret. When everyone else was inconsolable at Lola’s injuries and grave condition, he showed no emotion whatsoever. James “prioritised the relationship with Kyle Bevan over concern for her children,” the judge stated in court. On the night of July 16–17, 2020, while Lola was in Bevan’s care, she was attacked.

She sustained “catastrophic” brain trauma and 101 superficial wounds to her body.Reportedly, Lola James has left us. Where did she go? The parents have been arrested together. In this post, readers are interested in learning more about Lola James.

What Happened To Lola James?

Lola James, age 2, was a cute little girl. Lola James’s mother Sinead and her partner Kyle Bevan were suspected of murdering her daughter. They had a house in Wales. Her parents have been accused of killing her and have been placed under jail. The infant was hurt, and eventually died. The information suggests that her mother gave her boyfriend, Kyle, permission to kill her. Her eyesight was damaged because of how she was abandoned. Reportedly suffering from brain damage and a total of 101 external wounds. An inhumane assault was launched against her.

Stepdad and mum jailed over Lola James brutal murder

Source: Walesonline

Lola James Cause of death

The death of Lola was ruled a homicide. His stepfather was blamed for the girl’s death. Her mother had a reputation for being a slacker. A severe head injury ultimately led to her death in the hospital. After 10 hours of deliberation, the jury found him guilty of her murder. Swansea Crown Court testimony indicates that the dog pulled her. Stars are the dog’s own property. She reportedly got bit by an American bulldog. Her head was bashed up, too. The incident occurred on July 17 at 7:30 BST.

Lola James Mother and Father

Lola James, the mother, was murdered along with her father by her mother’s lover. Her death was a brutal one. When she left her daughter alone with Kyle, he killed her. It’s also been speculated that her mother was complicit in her daughter’s suicide. It was said that he had a drug problem, specifically with Xanax, amphetamines, and marijuana. He acts in a hostile manner at times. Thomas, her biological father, was devastated and expressed his thoughts by saying, “I feel grief and shut my eyes and behold my precious life.” He expresses his sorrow and the challenges he faces in moving on without her daughter. Her daughter, he believes, will be a brilliant star forever, and she herself was a modest and courteous lady. She lived her life without malice or cynicism. If the girl were living with her father, she may be spared. Her loved ones will hold fond memories of her forever. Her death case was at the centre of this. Read on for further information.

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