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Sunderland schoolgirl Nikki Allan was murdered brutally

Nikki Allan
Source: BBC

David Boyd, then 25 years old, is suspected of killing Nikki Allan by shattering her skull with a brick, stabbing her many times in the heart, carrying her body through the wrecked building, and finally dumping her body in the basement.

The 55-year-old, formerly of Chesterton Court, Stockton, Teesside, and also going by the names Smith and Bell, is currently on trial at Newcastle Crown Court for her alleged murder. Prosecutor Richard Wright KC said that on the evening of October 7, 1992, Nikki was playing outside a complex of apartments in Hendon, Sunderland, known as the Garths.

A local factory worker saw a little girl chasing after a man in his twenties as they strolled along a nearby road. According to Mr. Wright, “This was Nikki Allan.”She was in the company of her murderer, and she was skipping blindly to her doom. David Boyd, a Norton, County Durham resident, is now being tried for Nikki’s murder in Newcastle Crown Court (Northumbria Police/PA).
The jury was shown a police video of the crime scene, which included footage of the abandoned building’s interior, a bloody brick used in the attack, and drag marks on the floor.

The boarded-up window was more than six feet from the ground, so her assailant would have had to use some method of lifting or lowering her into the dark structure. The court heard that traces of Nikki’s blood were discovered on the waste ground outside the building, suggesting the attack may have begun there.

The court was informed that the schoolgirl’s body was found in a dark corner of an end room, where the perpetrator likely thought she would go unnoticed. Prosecutors say she was discovered the next morning by two of the numerous locals who had been searching for her. Mr. Wright claimed that Boyd was familiar with the structure because he had been there days previously with a 12-year-old child looking for pigeons.

Sunderland schoolgirl Nikki Allan was murdered brutally

Source: GB News

Nikki Allan Cause of death

David Boyd, then 25 years old, is accused of killing Nikki Allan, 24, in a rundown building near her home in Hendon, Sunderland. The trial is taking place at Newcastle Crown Court.

Boyd, formerly Smith or Bell, of Chesterton Court, Stockton, Teesside, claims he is innocent of the child’s murder.

The prosecution’s case was opened by Richard Wright KC, who stated, “Over 30 years ago, on the night of October 7 1992, a little girl called Nikki Allan was lured away from the block of flats in which she lived and towards the River Wear in Sunderland.”The man who abducted her escorted her to an abandoned lot behind the building.

Boyd, now 55 years old, is accused of punching Nikki, leaving her bleeding, and then luring her into the abandoned building through a broken window. Mr. Wright told the jurors, “Within the building, the man who took her there beat Nikki Allan about the head with a brick.”

He broke her head open. He “stabbed her repeatedly through the chest, driving the knife in and out of her body many times through the same hole, into her heart, into her lungs, making sure the job of killing her was done right.”

What did the police say?

According to Boyd’s statement to police, he was “the last man to describe seeing her alive” on the night of Nikki’s death. Mr. Wright stated that the prosecution is not required to show a motive, but urged the jury to infer that the murderer did not lure Nikki away for a “benign reason.”

At approximately 10 o’clock that night, screams were heard, and the prosecution stated, “One distinct possibility is that her brutal death was not what had been intended at the outset, but instead brought about by her ability to identify the person who had taken her there and had hurt her outside the building.”

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