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Supreme DJ Death, Obituary, Cause of Death, News

Supreme DJ Death
Supreme DJ Death

The mystery demise of the social media celebrity, Supreme DJ

The American artist known popularly as DJ Supreme born on July 30, 1999, was just 22 currently has passed away, although many sources are claiming various reasons for the death of the artist.

From the time the news has come out regarding the demise of the artist a lot of people are flooding the social media platform with various condolence messages and many tribute posts are seen floating around. Everyone including his family and friends are also mourning this tragic and catastrophic loss.

After the sudden and mysterious death people are really up to knowing what had caused the death of the supreme DJ and people are constantly surfing the internet in search of answers regarding the same. Even though much information hasn’t been there regarding the cause of the death, a theory still suggests that DJ Supreme was suffering from health issues for a long time.

No, confirmation is still provided but it’s expected that the family will provide the information sooner or later as they are currently deeply shocked and still in the mourning period. The real name of DJ Supreme hasn’t been disclosed till now, apart from the DJ he also had a clothing brand with the name LaziWrkShop. He was also a two-time Grammy Winner in Lazy drip which he cherished and worked hard for a lot.

Many people even twitted following the demise of the DJ:

Jessy tweets, “God’s plan my biggest enemy DJ Supreme has dropped dead! after trying to attack me multiple times like a bitch in la look what happened! another opp off the map god got him before I did, I am so beyond happy”

An Instagram post by sonofnoise_uk, “That time in 2016 when @djsupreme_uk had me reppin for the mighty HQ Squad.”

An Instagram post by, “Tb to his birthday! May he Rest in Peace in heaven.”


Supreme DJ was an American artist, social media influencer aka celebrity, fashion designer, music artist, and rapper. Tayler Holder mostly was Supreme’s dearest and most dear companion.

Tayler holder posted a story on Instagram He said that DJ had a very powerful impact on numerous amounts on people he even mentioned that life is very short, and he really compelled everyone to live it out fully and not stress out too much.

Many of DJ Supreme’s fans have commented RIP on various posts and are in deep shock. As we still wait for the actual reason of the demise for the popular artist cum DJ.

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